Operation and maintenance

  • Office property inventory
  • Furniture and partition warranty service
  • Wiring, cable management
  • Furniture disposal
  • Furniture leasing
  • Office renovation to meet particular requirements

After project completion and relocation, everyday office life starts and entails more and more new tasks. Maintenance, warranty service, office renovations — you can entrust these tasks to the Office Solutions team as well.


Warranty service

Warranty service is stipulated in the contract. The length of warranty is usually 2 to 8 years. Throughout this period, Office Solutions experts carry out all the operations concerning warranty maintenance and repair of partitions and furniture. After warranty expiration, you can continue cooperating with us and use our technical support services.

Furniture leasing

Furniture leasing will enable you to quickly create temporary workplaces for new employees or seasonal workers, minimize idle time, and arrange new zones in the office.

Taking inventory

Our specialists will help you to carry out furniture condition assessment and entry on the balance sheet, will prepare summary inventory table and make it available for you. This can help you to monitor office equipment condition carefully and prevent problems before they arise.

Furniture disposal service will help you to free office space for rearrangement or renovation. Office Solutions staff will take on any task concerning disassembly, removal and recycling of the old furniture.

Cable management

Wiring is done by the Office Solutions IT service team without subcontracting. We will help you:

  • to do wiring at the staff workplaces neatly and efficiently, which makes the employee’s work more convenient, and the use of office equipment safer.
  • to do wiring in meeting rooms and open areas of the office so that the cables are not in the way and office equipment could be used safely.